what if?

what if we could recognise extraordinary young cantabrians who have the potential and desire to achieve excellence in their chosen field, and reward them in such a way as to help them realise it.

that would be an inspired choice.

The Inspire Foundation has been set up as a charitable trust to recognise and reward extraordinary, talented young Cantabrians.

To qualify, applicants must be aged between 15 and 23 years of age ( inclusive as of the 31 January of the applicable year ), a resident of Canterbury for at least 3 years with New Zealand citizenship and have demonstrated extraordinary ability or potential in the areas of the Arts, IT, Music, Sciences, Sports or Community Service.

Assistance comes in the form of grants to fund the widest possible array of requests – such as travel, courses, tuition, equipment, projects or initiatives.

It’s all about making inspired choices for the future of the Canterbury region.

NOTE: close off 30th of July for applications for the September round of grants 

If you wish to find out more, click here

View an Inspired update… Inspire Newsletter March 2012

2 Responses to what if?

  1. Christopher Eaden says:

    Hey there, I would really like to apply for this and have heard there’s an extension but unsure when to. Was wandering if you could advise me if i hurried an applied this opportunity would still be possible.

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